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Recovery tool for damaged OneNote (.one) data files.
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  • eRepair OneNote for Microsoft OneNote

    Posted on October 26th, 2010 admin No comments

    Fast recovery of your damaged OneNote records

    Recover damaged OneNote filesData corruption can be devastating, especially when the data pertains to your personal information or your work.  Many people use OneNote as their means of note-taking because they can use it on a normal PC or a tablet.  Sometimes, those OneNote files can become damaged, making it so you can’t access them, and the important information they contain.  That’s why it is important to try eRepair OneNote. (download)

    eRepair OneNote is recovers your corrupted OneNote files. The wizard-based interface is intuitive and easy to use, and you don’t need to be a computer expert to use it to recover your notes from damaged .ONE (OneNote) files.  All you have to do is choose the file you want to work with, allow the system to analyze the structure of the file, and then let it do its magic in recovering the data.  The tool makes it so you do not have to analyze the file structure on your own – it does it for you, automatically.

    In the first step for eRepair OneNote, you tell the tool which file you want it to recover.  You can either type the path and name of the file into the program window, or you can use Windows to open the file in the standard way.  If you’ve used the tool before, you can select the file from the dropdown list that will populate every time you work with a file in eRepair OneNote.  Once the program knows which file to work with, you can tell it to analyze the file by pressing the Analyze button.

    Step two is automated.  The program will analyze the file structure and will show you a list of the images the program is able to restore and recover.  They will appear in a list.  Choose items from the list or Check All/Uncheck All and then click Next to proceed to step three.

    Now you need to choose the location you want the program to save the file.  You can do this using the same method you opened the file (see above).  It is important to note that the DEMO version of eRepair OneNote will not actually recover the files.  It will show you which items are recoverable, but only the full version of the program will restore your data.

    When your files are recovered and saved to the location you’ve specified, the program will show you a log with all the details pertaining to your recovery session.  You can quit using the program using the Exit button, or you can go Back to select a new file to work with.

    If, by chance, the file you are working with is so damaged or corrupted that the program fails to recover your data, you can send the corrupted OneNote file to the developers of the program, who will attempt to recover your data manually, and also will use the information they glean from your failed session to improve the program’s algorithm.

    OneNote is gaining popularity every day and in many different demographics.  Some people have tossed aside their sticky notes and notepads and rely on OneNote exclusively to jot down their ideas, action items, contact numbers, and much, much more.  Loss of this data can be heartbreaking and inconvenient.  Loss of the data can occur because of a sudden power failure, malfunction of hardware, viruses, and other disasters.  In the past, you would have had to have hired a third party IT professional to recover your data.  Now, you can use eRepair OneNote and recover your data on your own.